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"This is my War Cry!"
Misti Rainwater-Lites
There's a lot to say about Bullshit Rodeo and Misti Rainwater-Lites. Coatlism is really no longer a press. The closet only has a few more copies of Blank Cake by Misti so we just want to turn our attention to helping bring eyes to our friends who happen to be great writers. So, with that said, read Bullshit Rodeo. You will be happy you decided to read it. It's great. The problem with a small market great book like this is there is no niche of readers to give it to so they can give it the love and respect it deserves. In that regard, being a writer absolutely sucks. But it is what it is and in every other regard being a writer is the best job in the world so that's what writers just have to go through.

I was once hoping that Coatlism Press will be that medium that gives name to a certain type of poetry, like Misti's, but that never materialized. I tend to be a dreamer. Instead I'd like to suggest the name "Ball Twisting Poetry" for this War Cry Style of attack poetry that sees everything and lays it on the line straight. Bullshit Rodeo is a book of fiction, but it reads a bit like poetry and it is most certainly ball-twisting. In a good way.


Get one of the last copies of the amazing collection of poetry Blank Cake published by a young, green Coatlism Press.

Animated Glyphic at Vimeo

Animated Glyphic Novella in Verse Comes to Life from Ralph-Michael Chiaia on Vimeo.

Glyphic (Part 7) inspired this animation. The music is from Supaman, and the animation is from a talented young Mexican artist. This book is a swaggering travelogue laced with rants against big business and psychedelic wanderlust. 

Coatlism will not be publishing any more titles, but we will still share stuff

You can contact us for a book review or other promotional stuff. We still want to help small market and independent writers out. 

Solving Amazon's Global Listings confusion

As many of you know, Glyphic is now out on the Amazon Store. Some of my readers are abroad and have complained it is not listed in the UK store or the Spanish Store. Please just sign in with your normal account into the US store and buy as usual. The shipping may be higher (around $10). That's the deal. To help authors with this link to country confusion I'm including a link to a Smart URL service that lets you branch out from one link to the proper country. Check it out. (http://www.trainingauthors.com/are-you-losing-customers-over-this-common-problem/)


Glyphic Giveaway

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Glyphic by Ralph-Michael Chiaia


by Ralph-Michael Chiaia

Giveaway ends October 15, 2013.
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Buy Blank Cake, 92 Rapple Drive, Poetry is Dead, and Ten Poems Ampersands And for only $11 

On hiatus

Failure Notice as of 2012:

We deeply apologize for not doing a better job and staying afloat. Due to personal reasons Coatlism no longer publishes new work. If you would like to buy books from the authors published already, please do so through us or through Amazon. Thanks for stopping in.

You can order books through us via paypal or at amazon.

Contact us at coatlism@gmail.com for inquiries, but please give a lot of time.

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2009 Coatlism Book Contest Winner!!

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 22:  English poet John ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The Winner
of the 2009 Coatlism Press Full Book Contest
Ode to a Drunken Muse
Paul Hellweg.

Paul's book will be published shortly by Coatlism Press. Coatlism received some really great submissions this time. Any of the honorable mentions could be published today -- they are that good. We had to choose one and Ode to a Drunken Muse has an awesome blend of lyricism, wit, wisdom, and humor that appealed to both judges. Thank you to each and every submission. We wish you luck placing them elsewhere.

honorable mentions (in order):
Tell a Pitiful Story by Patrick Moran
Drum Naked by Tantra Bensko
Chest of Bitches by RC Miller
Bone Marrow Song by Michael Fisher
Phantasmagoria by J/J Hastain
*please email if there's any misspellings.

Coming Out Soon Blank Cake by Misti Rainwater-Lites. This is a book you have to have.

A list of helpful Coatlism Links for you to link to us and spread your work

Dear writers and enthusiasts:

For those of you who want to spread the word about Coatlism Books, you can use these links. Simply copy and paste them into your blogs, websites, emails, etc and get people to buy some of our great writing. I wanted to make it easier for you to find all our links. Also, check the Coatlism litchaos.com wiki to find a network of like-minded writers:

Print Issue #2

Print Issue #1

Rapple Drive by Lyn Lifshin
(the ever popular Queen of the Small Press)

10 Poems & Ampersands by Ralph-Michael Chiaia
(Coatlism's best-selling experimental author)

Poetry is Dead by Michael Frissore
(as funny as it is poignant)
(link coming soon)

Damaged by Andy Riverbed
(young, wise, bitter, and surreal)

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Also, make sure you're a member of the Coatlism Press (litchaos.com) wiki at wetpaint.com. It's great place to meet other writers to discuss, spread, and chew literature online.

The Second Print Issue of litchaos.com with free trailer for download

If you would like to download the litchaos.com Print Issue No. 2 trailer. Please do so by right-clicking the link and choosing "Save Link As" (if using Firefox, which we highly recommend).

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The Coatlism Bookstore | 2009

Coatlism Books is publishing about 4-5 titles of poetry each year, including the Literary Chaos Print Issue. We are offering a very simple checkout with google checkout (see below). If you use this function below there are two amazing offers:

  1. If you buy any book, you'll get free entry into the Cronopios & Famas Prize (a $5 value). After you buy any book(s) just send your entry following the guidelines.

  2. Get free entry into the Coatlism Book Prize if you buy all the books, which is reduced to only $40.

Print Issue No. 2 for litchaos.com

The Lit Chaos Second Print Issue is ready to order. It costs $8 (this includes shipping -- unless outside of the US, sorry) 

This issue has work by the following authors. (Learn more here)

Fiction & Poetry:

David McLean 5
Marc Gulezian 10
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal 15
CW Moore 20
Ralph-Michael Chiaia 24
Radames Ortiz 29
George Anderson 35
Aimee DeLong 40
Joe La Rosa 53
Ashok Niyogi 60
Justin Hyde 66
And the Winner of the If on a Fall Crack-of-Dawn a Web-Surfer…Prize:
Joseph Kraus 73


Cecelia Chapman
Ralph-Michael Chiaia

News from Coatlism Press, announcing a period closed to new submissions

Due to excessive backlogging in our inbox, we are only two people working on Coatlism, we are going to close submissions until further notice. Anything sent from February forward will be overlooked. We are sorry, but the cat and the day job are seeking attention too. We wish you luck placing your work at many of the other great publishers (see our links on the right column for other publishers). Or if you want to try our contests, we will hold a book length contest again, with deadline in October 2009, so get working on that. 

Right now, we have two books in production: Poetry is Dead by Michael Frissore (winner of the Coatlism Book Prize 2008) and Farrago Soup by Doug Draime. 

And don't forget to get yourself a copy of Damaged by Andy Riverbed. reviews

Winner of the Coatlism Book Prize 2008: Michael Frissore

Suzanne and Ra have judged the 2008 Coatlism Book Prize and announced the winner:

Congratulation to Michael Frissore for Poetry is Dead

Find more information about the honorable mentions and what the prize is here. Also, keep in mind that this is an annual prize. So get your submissions ready for next year. 

We got a new logo for Coatlism Press. What do you think?

Boriqueno poet Andy Riverbed rips it up at the Breakfast Buffet -- November 2008

Check out Coatlism Press Poet Andy Riverbed reading translations of Ra Gabriel's poetry (Spanish and English). Also, don't forget to click the newest issue of litchaos.com where you'll find an interview with Ra and Andy that explains such mysteries as why Andy was once called 1910. 

You can pre-order Damaged, Riverbed's book, at the Coatlism Bookstore. It's due out January 1st, 2009 but we hope they'll be available earlier than that. They make a great xmas present! 

Online Chapbooks at Literary Chaos Ezine

We are now looking for online chapbooks (think 10-25 pages) to publish online at litchaos.com. See "Submissions Guidelines" for the email address.

31 October 2008 - Final Deadline

Final DEADLINE approaching for the Coatlism Poetry Book Prize. (This will be an annual event, so mark it on your calendar. Also, add yourself to our email list to get regular updates. Don't worry, we use this feature sparingly and you can unsubscribe at any time). 

The Coatlism Poetry Book Prize is a haven for experimental writers who are looking for a very high-quality book publisher. Our books are showcased on litchaos.com, Amazon, and we're working on getting them into Barnes and Noble's. Also, we have received reviews of our first four books from many sources both online and in print. 

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