2009 Coatlism Book Contest Winner!!

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The Winner
of the 2009 Coatlism Press Full Book Contest
Ode to a Drunken Muse
Paul Hellweg.

Paul's book will be published shortly by Coatlism Press. Coatlism received some really great submissions this time. Any of the honorable mentions could be published today -- they are that good. We had to choose one and Ode to a Drunken Muse has an awesome blend of lyricism, wit, wisdom, and humor that appealed to both judges. Thank you to each and every submission. We wish you luck placing them elsewhere.

honorable mentions (in order):
Tell a Pitiful Story by Patrick Moran
Drum Naked by Tantra Bensko
Chest of Bitches by RC Miller
Bone Marrow Song by Michael Fisher
Phantasmagoria by J/J Hastain
*please email if there's any misspellings.

Coming Out Soon Blank Cake by Misti Rainwater-Lites. This is a book you have to have.

My Favorites