A list of helpful Coatlism Links for you to link to us and spread your work

Dear writers and enthusiasts:

For those of you who want to spread the word about Coatlism Books, you can use these links. Simply copy and paste them into your blogs, websites, emails, etc and get people to buy some of our great writing. I wanted to make it easier for you to find all our links. Also, check the Coatlism litchaos.com wiki to find a network of like-minded writers:

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Rapple Drive by Lyn Lifshin
(the ever popular Queen of the Small Press)

10 Poems & Ampersands by Ralph-Michael Chiaia
(Coatlism's best-selling experimental author)

Poetry is Dead by Michael Frissore
(as funny as it is poignant)
(link coming soon)

Damaged by Andy Riverbed
(young, wise, bitter, and surreal)

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