News from Coatlism Press, announcing a period closed to new submissions

Due to excessive backlogging in our inbox, we are only two people working on Coatlism, we are going to close submissions until further notice. Anything sent from February forward will be overlooked. We are sorry, but the cat and the day job are seeking attention too. We wish you luck placing your work at many of the other great publishers (see our links on the right column for other publishers). Or if you want to try our contests, we will hold a book length contest again, with deadline in October 2009, so get working on that. 

Right now, we have two books in production: Poetry is Dead by Michael Frissore (winner of the Coatlism Book Prize 2008) and Farrago Soup by Doug Draime. 

And don't forget to get yourself a copy of Damaged by Andy Riverbed. reviews

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