92 Rapple Drive by Lyn Lifshin | Coatlism Press | 2008

92 Rapple Drive

Poems by Lyn Lifshin
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Perfect Bound
78 Pages of Poetry
Coatlism Press
ISBN: 978-0-9802073-1-6

"In these highly personal poems, we see a woman who remembers her lover’s fingers and now has grown beyond embarrassment into the fullness of experience of the good and comfortable as well as the violent and awful that fill all of our lives. What I mean here is that I responded strongly to the narrative element in these poems, the disjointed memoir of a woman who has seen the wine bottle break on the wall and wonders if the stain will bleed through, a woman who wants peace and a warm blanket by the fire, the fingers of an imaginary lover, a cat purring softly in the corner; but has felt the thistle in the garden and knows that the cat is already diabetic, sick and facing that same challenge we all face as time speeds up and we are whirled around the sun year after year in our living rooms and yards." --Norman J Olson (Read the full review)

"Her poems in rolling stone stayed on my wall longer than anyone's." --Ken Kesey

Book Description:

This new collection of poetry is a sexy, personal account of what happens on Rapple Drive. Lyn Lifshin takes you inside--behind closed doors--for an intimate look where most people never see. Like the cover of this book, Lifshin reveals the intimates of her house just the way it is. The poems are powerful, sensual and evocative.

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